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a glass of sweet t

ewoks world

a night of debauchery w music by live forever, blacksmith, the pines, buffali, buffalo & the go to hells. 719 N FRANKLIN ST TAMPA FL 33602 be there.

lets welcome fall with a free rock show. saturday night 719 N franklin st, tampa fl.

Congratulations, I just planned your Saturday night for you.
background image stolen from @amberrrjade (at The Hub Bar)

drunk in public, ignoring stupid people, to remind you good folks w/ this shitty grapic to come enjoy quality florida grown rock n roll for FREE, downtown next saturday. Dont be as stupid as the bro next me ordering jager bombs while trying to buck the vegan sober girl he dragged here, dont miss this show. #WEAREGOINGTOLIVEFOREVER

dont know what rock n roll is? thats okay, just visit or click thru on my profile and select LIVEFOREVER

saturday night, let get greasy.

An artist at werk #dad

going on @ midnight @ the robot show @thelocal662

this friday, let’s get our robot on. 9|12|2014 @TheLocal662 πŸŽΈπŸ‘ΎπŸ» #liveforever #artofficialintelligence

cruisin. #ybor #tampa #florida

brandon, fl.

credit score went up, didn’t even make a phone call. i b like