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Lucas Hornbeck

saturday night, let get greasy.

An artist at werk #dad

going on @ midnight @ the robot show @thelocal662

this friday, let’s get our robot on. 9|12|2014 @TheLocal662 πŸŽΈπŸ‘ΎπŸ» #liveforever #artofficialintelligence

cruisin. #ybor #tampa #florida

brandon, fl.

credit score went up, didn’t even make a phone call. i b like

lurkin #tampa

good hangz w @ryanscottcarroll

safe & sound.

the incredible pet-able sleeping lea.

@zachesonfire @frolic_exchange

yes hello, this is barb with customer service, what do you want?

excuse me, your calculations were wrong.

at Mermaid Tavern